Meet the Team

 Meet the Team 

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Born and raised in Southern California, Laura believes in good old fashioned hard work and authenticity. After an awkward exchange with a clique of women at her son’s elementary school, Laura decided it was time to tap into her lifelong dream of broadcast journalism and unleash life’s lessons with an honest, open and OBVIOUS approach. 


An OBVIOUS woman is a woman empowered to seek and speak her truth. Never putting on airs, what you see is what you get and what you get at The Obvious Woman is a touch of wisdom, a little humor, and A LOT of humility. 


The OW brand aims to connect, engage and encourage women from all walks of life and remind them that individuality is brave, beautiful, and OBVIOUS. 


In her not-so-spare time, Laura enjoys needlepointing, cooking, baking, FASHION and spending time with her husband, son & beloved pups. 



Danah resides in Northern California. She is always traveling for work and pleasure while fulfilling her wanderlust. Miss Anabelle is her Persian Cat, who will only respond if you call her by her full name. While Danah doesn’t have a green thumb to save her life, she falls back on her other favorite color, blue. Dodger Blue to be exact.


 Danah works as an Instructional Designer during the day and spends her evenings cooking and drinking wine. Not a stranger to the social media scene, Danah has a food and wine blog (putting that Journalism degree to use) and most recently has entered the podcast world.


Danah is recognized for her sarcasm, lack of filter and her ability to get along well with everyone (she thinks so at least). However, her mouth has historically gotten herself in trouble, except with the Obvious Woman of course. Thus, the podcast of a century is born.




Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, a third generation Phoenician and a documented descendent of the first British settlers in America. Jeff has seen Phoenix change drastically both good and some bad over the years. Jeff has been in public and private safety for 33 years and has seen it all, twice!


In his down time, Jeff enjoys restoring historical vehicles, building furniture, and spending time with his wife, son and dogs. Jeff is also a Hot Wheels aficionado and collector. He hosts a Hot Wheels race each fall.  


Jeff is a matter-of-fact, no nonsense guy with a thick book of personal stories to share.


Theo is from the great state of Oregon. 

Born with professional sports is in his genes, it all came too easy. Playing collegiate basketball, casually skateboarding and surfing in his spare time. After graduating college, Theo switched gears and followed his dream to Arizona—where the sun is always shining.  It is here that he found his true calling as a barber. 


When not with his clients, Theo still loves to play basketball and chill with his long-time friends. He also plays the piano—a man of many talents!  


Theo is ever the optimist, with a contagious personality and a straight shooter (pun intended), a smile can go a long way in his book, and he is always looking for the next wave. 

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